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A question you may have is, ‘Why would I bother replacing our businesses existing lights that are currently producing light with new LED Lights to do the same?’ Two reasons, energy efficiency/savings and savings on maintenance costs.

LED lights use on average 75% less electricity than the lights they are replacing, this can have a tremendous impact on the amount of money a business will pay on their electricity bills. Lighting after all is one of the main electricity costs in a business as they are usually on all day/night.

There is also a significant maintenance saving that comes into play with LED’s. Older incandescent lights tend to have a relative short lifespan compared to LED’s. LED lights will generally last 3-5 times longer than an incandescent bulb meaning that they only need to be replaced every 10 -15 years as opposed to every couple of years. This maintenance cost saving alone can offset the initial cost of having LED lights installed, not to mention no interruptions to your business and removing the headache of constantly changing lights.



With electricity prices set to rise it makes sense to take advantage of government schemes and replace existing lighting with LED tecnology. This will reduce maintenance, save energy and save your business money.

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The graph above explains visually the cumulative savings over 5 years comparing a business that does nothing, one that buys LED lights outright or gets LED lights on one of our finance options via The Green Guys.

Do Nothing

This is one option. Your business can decide not to act, however in doing so the mid to long term effects on energy costs can be enormous. Due to LED lights being so much more efficient than incandescent and HID lights, combined with the fantastic government incentives, the return on investment for a lot of businesses is usually less than one year! Failing to act NOW could also result in the business missing out on incentives altogether. These incentives usually cut the cost of supply and installation by up to 75%. The little red triangle on the left of the graph is how much better you are off by doing nothing.

Buy the LED lights outright

If the cost of the upgrade is not huge after the government incentives and/or the company has a budget allocated with the cashflow a smart option is to purchase the lighting upgrade upfront either by cash or with a credit card. The lighting upgrade will have an initial cost however because the savings are so high once LED lights are installed it actually offsets this cost in as little as a year!

Purchase LED lights on one of our finance options

Our most common option. When the cost of a lighting upgrade is higher, the business has a little less cash flow, or even if the business has great cash flow but would rather invest that in growing the business, the smart way to purchase lights is on one of our finance options. The Green Guys have partnered with some excellent finance providers who offer no money down payment plans on a rent-to-buy option.

In this instance because the energy savings and subsequent dollars saved off the businesses electricity bill are so high the payment plan is tailored around using those savings to pay off the lights. Once the lights are paid off the business takes ownership of the lights. The obvious benefit of this is without laying out a single cent, a business can start saving money today with zero impact to cashflow. The most common payment plans are two and three year plans, this usually means the business has the equivalent value in energy savings to pay the payment plan and also pocket the left over keeping it all cashflow positive.

As you can see there has never been a better time to upgrade your businesses lighting to LED no matter what your situation. The Green Guys are more than happy to help you make this happen. We only use the latest, high tech LED lights that come with unmatched efficiency ensuring your business benefits from the maximum savings mentioned above. The Green Guys are also accredited Master Electricians only using A-Grade electricians who have been through our rigorous training to perform installations that are hassle free, safe and guarantee getting the most out of the extended life of our quality products. The Green Guys have the broad experience to get the job done right.

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Save money and time with a LED lighting upgrade.