TGGG NSW ESS Terms & Conditions


Unless otherwise agreed in writing by The Green Guys Group (TGGG), these Terms and Conditions override any negotiations or representations. No amendment, alteration, waiver or cancellation of any of these Terms and Conditions is binding unless agreed by TGGG in writing.

This Quote is valid for a period of 30 days. Upon acceptance, the CUSTOMER becomes bound to purchase the Units and, if applicable, to assign the ESC’s to be created from the installation. If the quote is not accepted within this period, pricing may have changed and a new quote required. Indicative quotations are for preliminary assessment purposes only; to give an estimated price. Additional assessment may be required prior to the finalisation of the formal quotation.


The Total Supply & Install Cost includes a point of sale discount equivalent to the value of Energy Saving Certificates determined by TGGG. When you accept this discount (or free offer) you immediately assign TGGG the right to create Energy Savings Certificates generated by the product installation.

The Total Supply & Install Cost is payable upon date of installation of the product. You acknowledge that the premise has not received funding from State or Federal Governments to undertake energy efficient improvements.

TGGG takes all care in pricing as per the legislation provided under The Rule of the Energy Saving Scheme. Should amendments, updates or variations to The Rule be changed TGGG has the right to rescind this agreement in writing.

The customer agrees to provide TGGG with all necessary documentation required by the Energy Saving Scheme to support the agreed quotation. In the event that this information is not provided the Energy Saving Certificate discount will not be, or will only particially be applied. The customer will be required to pay the adjusted quote accordingly.

This Quote assumes that the existing ballast consumes the wattages shown in the Savings and Return Table. If during installation the ballast are found to consume a different wattage, this may result in a reduction in the ESC’s generated and therefore a reduced discount, per light. If this would result in more than a 10% reduction in the discount TGGG will seek the CUSTOMER’S further consent before proceeding with the installation. The CUSTOMER is encouraged to confirm their existing ballast types with their maintenance manager prior to accepting this quote.

The CUSTOMER is required to provide TGGG will all the information that it reasonably requests to create the ESCs and is required to sign the Nomination Form to assign the ESCs to TGGG. If the CUSTOMER fails to meet these requirements then the CUSTOMER is liable to pay the Gross Cost of Goods and Services.

Cancellation & Cooling Off Period


You understand that cancellation within 24 hour of the agreed date, TGGG reserves the right to charge a minimum cancellation fee of $99.
A cooling off period of 3 business days applies to this quote (contract) from the date of agreement.

You can cancel the quote at any time during the cooling off period by informing TGGG in writing of the cancellation.


You authorise TGGG or its Authorised Agent(s) to install the product at the premises. All installations will be in accordance with Australian Standards. TGGG installers are experienced and certified electrical contractors, complying with the requirements of the relevant NSW and federal authorities.

Reasonable care will be taken when installing the products to the premises and work shall be carried out in accordance with industry standards. You agree that your premises are suitable to accommodate the installation. You must ensure that you are present at the premise during the installation to allow access.

We reserve the right to apply an additional installation fee (on agreement) for out of hours installation.

TGGG will not be responsible for any damages that arise due to the installation process which are a result of any pre-existing condition or consequential damage in your premises other than damages arising directly from the negligence or willful actions of TGGG employees or agents. TGGG will ensure that the product is fully operational once the installation is complete.

Once the products are installed you must complete and sign the “Commercial Lighting Nomination Form”. In signing this form you will agree to assign the ESS Energy Savings Certificates created from the installations of these products to The Green Guys Group Pty Ltd as set out in the Nomination Form.

TGGG authorised agent’s installer’s work under applicable Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. They may refuse to start or continue any installation if they perceive a risk.



All products supplied are covered by such warranties as specified by the manufacturer of the product and supplied subject to the product standards detailed by the manufacturer. A 12 month workmanship warranty is provided for all installation work. This warranty applies where the product is used according to manufacturer’s directions of use and is not damaged by you or a third party as a result of interference, negligence, willful damage or damage from inclement weather or natural disaster.



The Green Guys Group (TGGG) accepts and complies with the Information Privacy Act (NSW), the National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act.

Contact Us


If you have any queries, issues or concerns please contact TGGG on 1300 511 875 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


TGGG VIC VEET Terms & Conditions

VEET Schedule 21:

This document sets out the terms and conditions agreed between you and TGGG governing the supply of the goods described in this attached quotation.

  1. Application of conditions
    1. This agreement contains everything the parties have agreed to.
  2. Delivery and installation
    1. TGGG will do its best to deliver the goods described in the quotation to the premises nominated by you for delivery, and install or have the goods installed by its contractor on the date specified, in the quotation. If a delay is caused by something beyond TGGG’s control TGGG is not liable for any damage or loss you suffer as a result of any delay in delivery and installation.
    2. Installation will only be done during normal business hours (unless otherwise agreed), and only if you provide reasonable access and space. You must obtain any permit, licence or approval necessary for you to hold for the installation.
    3. Where electricians identify any installation issues they will communicate these to customers prior to proceeding with installations that differ from any quotation provided
  3. Price and payment
    1. The total cost and payment will be set out in the invoice
    2. The goods will not be installed until the full payment has been received (unless otherwise agreed)
    3. You agree to do all things necessary, including signing and delivering to TGGG any documents provided to you by TGGG or its contractors, to cause assignment to TGGG of the benefit of the Victorian energy efficiency certificates (VEECs) (under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007 and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008) generated in connection with the supply and installation of goods to you under this agreement.
    4. The price payable by you has been discounted to account for the value of the VEECs assigned as set out in the quotation.
  4. Risk, insurance and damage
    1. TGGG provides the warranty in relation to the goods supplied under this agreement attached to this agreement.
    2. TGGG provides you a warranty against faulty installation which will apply provided the following are satisfied:
      1. You notify TGGG of your warranty claim, including by providing full details of why you believe the installation is faulty, within 1 year of the date of installation of the goods. This warranty does not apply after this period.
      2. TGGG reasonably determines, following inspection of the installed goods and consideration of the details provided by you under clause 4.3 that the warranty was breached.
    3. If this warranty applies, TGGG will at its cost cause the faulty installation to be re-installed.
    4. TGGG provides you a replacement warranty against faulty products which will apply provided the following are satisfied:
      1. You notify TGGG of your warranty claim, including by providing full details of why you believe the product is faulty, within 3 years of the date of installation of the goods. This warranty does not apply after this period.
      2. TGGG reasonably determines, following inspection of the installed goods and consideration of the details provided by you under clause 4.3 that the warranty was breached.
    5. If this warranty applies, TGGG will at its cost cause the faulty installation to be reinstalled.
    6. All other conditions and warranties of any type in relation to the goods are excluded to the maximum extent allowed by the law. In respect of goods which are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption, the liability of TGGG for a breach of any condition or warranty implied by law is limited to any one or more of the following, at the option of TGGG:
      1. In the case of a breach relating to goods:
        1. The replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods.
        2. The repair of the goods.
        3. The payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods.(d) The payment of the cost of having the goods repaired.
      2. In the case of services:
        1. The resupply of the services.
        2. The payment of the cost of having the services resupplied.
  5. Goods and services tax
    1. All consideration provided under this agreement is inclusive of GST
  6. Cancellation on, breach, indemnity and set off of deposit
    1. An order may be cancelled at any time prior to installation on the forfeit of your deposit.
    2. You agree to indemnify TGGG for any liability, cost, damages or expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) incurred by TGGG as a direct or indirect result of:
      1. cancellation of any order for goods; and
      2. any other breach of this agreement by you.
    3. The description of the goods specified in the quotation is given for identification only and does not create a contract of sale by description.
    4. This agreement is governed by the law of Victoria.
    5. Each provision of this agreement is individually severable. If any provision is or becomes illegal, unenforceable or invalid in any jurisdiction it is to be treated as being severed from this agreement in the relevant jurisdiction, but the rest of this agreement will not be affected. The legality, validity and enforceability of the provision in any other jurisdiction will not be affected.
    6. A waiver of any right, power or remedy under this agreement must be in writing signed by the party granting it. A waiver only affects the particular obligation or breach for which it is given. It is not an implied waiver of any other obligation or breach or an implied waiver of that obligation or breach on any other occasion.
    7. The fact that a party fails to do, or delays in doing, something the party is entitled to do under this agreement does not amount to a waiver.