Jalco Personal Care & Cosmetics

Heat Pump Hot Water Upgrade for Jalco Personal Care & Cosmetics

Jalco is a division of Pact Group which has 133 locations across 15 countries. Jalco is the leading provider of outsourced manufacturing and filling services for the non-food Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector in Australia. Within its expansive portfolio, the Jalco Personal Care & Cosmetics division boasts several state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities dedicated to producing an extensive range of personal care solutions and cosmetics, as well as a wide array of packaging formats.


Jalco is committed to reducing its environmental impact while maintaining the highest product quality standards. Hot water is key to the production, cleaning and staff amenities including catering at its production facilities. Alan Segal from Optimum Energy Solutions, a Green Partner with The Green Guys Group, proposed to Mika Lu, Jalco’s General Manager, the opportunity to utilise government incentives for upgrading aging hot water systems. This initiative aligns with Jalco’s goals to reduce both operational costs and environmental impact, enhancing overall productivity


To achieve these objectives, we implemented a phased upgrade across Jalco’s facilities, completing it within a half-day to ensure minimal disruption to the hot water supply. This strategic timing allowed the heating systems to activate well in advance of the requirements for hot water, providing a significant lead time. Jalco increased hot water availability by over 50% on-site, alongside a notable decrease in energy usage and peak-hour energy demands. The Green Guys handled all the administrative processes to secure government rebates under the NSW Energy Saver Scheme. This initiative allowed the entire upgrade to be executed at zero cost to Jalco.


12 Heat Pump

Hot Water Systems Installed

1,400+ litres

Hot Water Capacity

72% Reduction

In Heating Energy Per Year

17 Tonnes

Of Carbon Abated Annually


Cost Subsidised

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