Turnkey LED Lighting Solutions for Education

Turnkey LED Lighting Solutions for Education

4 ways LED lighting can help your school

LED's greatly improve the look of your school


Reduces chances of student and staff eye fatigue

Minimal impact to day-to-day operations during installation

LED Lights provide a healthy learning environment


LED’s greatly improve the look of a school and facilitate a healthy learning environment. If you would like to see how we can help you implement LED lighting at your school, contact The Green Guys now!

LED tube lighting is super efficient, has a higher quality of light, and a lifespan usually 5 times greater than traditional fluorescent tubes . These attributes make them the perfect upgrade for your school.

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Business Lighting Upgrade

Your business could be eligible for government funded LED lighting. Fill out a quick enquiry form to find out.


People who work or learn in offices and schools require a high quality and brightness of light to reduce the chances of getting eye fatigue, this comes down to the CRI and Lumen output of the lights themselves.

Key items to consider when looking at upgrading to LED:

CRI - Colour Rating Index

In a nutshell, the CRI is a measure of how close the light source is in quality to actual daylight. The higher the CRI, the higher quality of the light. CRI is not a measure of brightness or colour but how well colours appear in that light. Studies have shown that something as simple as high CRI LED lights in produce refrigerators vs normal fluorescents result in higher sales as the fruit looks riper, plumper and juicier to the eye.

Pay Back

The beauty of LED lighting is the longer your operational hours are, the faster the lights pay themselves back. With the average payback period for an LED lighting project in a supermarket averaging less than 12 months it’s no surprise that the uptake of LED lighting over other energy efficiency products has been so rapid.

Maintenance Savings

Generally speaking, the other main cost associated with lighting other than the electricity cost is the cost of constantly replacing blown lights. Especially fluorescent tubes. Our LED’s last up to 90,000 hours which, if you’re running your lights 50-80 hours per week, is well over 10 years of run time! Compare this with a regular fluorescent tube that is only rated at an average of 10,000 – 15,000 hours.


We have installed lights at thousands of business across the eastern seaboard. We know, as a business or organisation, one of your number one priorities is to have little to no downtime when the lighting upgrades take place. We work with the key stakeholders to ensure that the installation occurs with minimal impact to the day to day running of your school. Whether it be installation after hours, early hours or even during the school holidays, the install always happens with minimal impact.


Designed to last up to 50,000 hours


Only master electricians perform installs

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Save money and improve the look of your School with an energy efficient lighting system