Energex Positive Payback Program

What is the Positive Payback program?

The Positive Payback program is about rewarding businesses for using energy efficiently. Positive Payback for Business program offers to fund small, medium and large businesses in eligible suburbs (ask us if you qualify) that install or upgrade equipment and appliances that lower onsite peak electricity demand – including lighting.

How does the Positive Payback for Business work?

If your business is eligible to participate in the program, we will conduct an assessment of how much energy use will be reduced based on the quantity and wattage of the current and upgraded lights. The reward is calculated as a dollar amount per kilowatt (kW), per kVAr for PFC or kVA for larger demand reduction projects. Once your application is approved and the installation is completed, the rebate payment will be processed directly into your nominated account.

What does this mean for me?

This means that together with Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) that we have available for larger projects, you can get up to 30% rebate on your LED lighting upgrade. Rebates on upgrade plus instant savings on electricity costs mean greater-than-ever ROI for your business. On average, our customers have received financial payback within 11 to 15 months.

Every business is different and every reward is tailored to your individual circumstances. Contact us for a FREE assessment and find out how much dollar amount you can save!

The Green Guys Group helping businesses benefit from the Queensland Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

Have more questions about the program?

We would love to assist you in finding your perfect LED Lighting Upgrade solution and to help you better understand the government incentive schemes. Speak to one of our energy efficiency experts today and get the answers!