June 2020 UPDATE:
ebates are currently at its highest and they have increased by 18% compared to 2019. Speak to our team today on 1300 511 875 to find out how much you can save with the NSW government ESS subsidies.

VIC commercial lighting rebates will cease – projects must be installed as soon as October 2020 to receive the rebates. Book your energy audit today and upgrade your lighting before it’s too late. More details >>

The Green Guys Group Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Reduce your energy consumption and avoid paying extra energy cost with an LED lighting upgrade from The Green Guys Group. Our proven lighting solution is tailored based on your needs and energy-efficiency goals. Take advantage of our Turnkey Solution and access government subsidies for the upgrade cost. Get high-quality LED products with extensive warranties for your business and start saving today.

What Our Clients Say…

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“The Green Guys Group is very professional and easy to deal with. They went the extra mile to ensure the best fit and best solutions were provided for our sites. Their proposals were highly competitive, easy to understand, and the state rebates were clearly defined and significantly reduced the ROI period. They did all the legwork on the admin side, which was a very welcoming value-added service. These guys are highly recommended, and I will not use anyone else for our LED requirement.”

⁠—Quentin Minnie
Transformation Project Manager, Lactalis Australia Pty Ltd

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Our tailored solutions for...


LED lighting greatly improves the look of your school and helps facilitate a healthy learning environment. It is super efficient, has a higher quality of light, and a lifespan that is usually five times greater than traditional fluorescent tubes.

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Electricity bills are a major cost of operations, especially since trading hours are on the rise increasing the use of lighting. Furthermore, customers are hunting out a better shopping experience and part of this experience is the look of the store. Switching to and LED lighting solution will increase the aesthetic of your retail space, and save money on your energy bills.

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Lighting in any industrial space is extremely important. There has to be abundantly adequate lighting which provides employees with a well lit and safe environment in which to carry out their work. Our premium LED lighting solutions are geared specifically for industrial spaces which ensure that the brightness levels are up to scratch, visibility is improved and electricity costs are greatly reduced.

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A more productive office environment. Office lighting has a great impact on productivity and the type and strength of workplace lighting greatly affects the physiological aspect of office personnel, which in turn has a direct effect on their productivity levels. Our LED lighting solutions will improve workplace lighting, help increase staff productivity and help save on electricity bills.

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Save up to 70% on the upgrade cost
with government subsidies!

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High clarity, bright and flicker-free lighting for sports arenas and leisure centres. Efficient LED lights with high colour rendering indexes provide spectators, players and officials with superior visibility while at the same time reducing associated electricity costs. Our high bays are also shatter-proof, helping provide a safe space if that stray cricket ball should find its way to a light.

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Lights operating in common areas of residential and commercial buildings are usually on 24/7 – which contributes to energy costs significantly. They must also be replaced as soon as each light burns out. The replacement of these lights with high efficiency LED lights has a massive impact on energy reduction and can save thousands of dollars a year on electricity costs.

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No health-risk lighting. Fluorescent lights contain toxic mercury that can be released if a bulb breaks. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs also emit low doses of UV radiation that can damage not only facility materials but can also damage skin and eyes. LEDs contain no mercury, and emit very little to no UV radiation which makes them a better choice for health care facilities – and unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lights won’t flicker or emit any colour spikes.

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LED Lighting Solutions for hotels and convention centres from The Green Guys Group


Massive environmental impact and money savings. Dramatically improve the quality of light for guests and employees, save money on energy costs and reduce your environmental impact. These goals can be achieved in a 24/7 operational environment to ensure minimal disruption to guests and staff.

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Our Products

All of the LED products we use exceed Australian standards and are covered by comprehensive 3 and 5 year warranties.


Optitech is The Green Guys Group’s tier 1 preferred supplier for our high quality, energy-efficient LED lighting products. The entire OptiTech product range is registered with the NSW, VIC and SA energy-efficiency programs in order to ensure that you can access eligible rebates from the energy schemes.