Our LED High Bays are a cutting edge, cost-effective, and energy-efficient alternative to traditional high bay lighting. They provide a significant reduction in energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, significantly longer operating life and are eligible for various states’ energy-saving schemes. Contact us today to upgrade your current lights to energy-saving LEDs and we can help discuss best-fit options for your business.

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The Green Guys Group - LED High Bays - High Efficiency Sensor High Bay - SRHB Series

LED High Efficiency Sensor High Bay (SRHB Series)

The Green Guys Group - LED High Bays - Sensor High Bay - UFO Style

LED Sensor High Bay – UFO Style (Astral Series)

The Green Guys Group - LED High Bays - Sensor High Bay - UFO Style

LED Sensor High Bay – UFO Style (with Philips Xitranium Driver)

The Green Guys Group - LED High Bays - Food grade LED High Bay

Food Grade LED High Bay

The Green Guys Group LED High Bays

Our LED High Bays are often used in a multitude of situations such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, outlet malls, sports stadiums, and many other large areas with vast vertical spaces. They generate and distribute lighting efficiently, consuming a lot less energy in order to perform the same functional output compared to traditional halide high bay lights. Our range comes with a wide choice of power options, beam spread options, low-glare options, and remote-controlled motion & daylight microwave sensor options. Each high bay is designed with a lightweight design and rapid dissipation heat sink, allowing our LED High Bay range to emit virtually no heat and last on average ten times longer than the traditional high bay lights. We also provide an option with non-corrosive, washable parts that prevent dirt, grease, dust built-up and is screws-free, making it the perfect LED lighting solution for food processing plants as well as mines and warehouses.

We are the leading designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer of Australian-Standard LED lighting. We guarantee not only the highest quality and best-fit products but also cost-efficient options for your lighting upgrades. Our LED lighting product range is proven to be long-lasting, covered by comprehensive warranties, and is suitable for various industry applications and business types. With over 35 years of international experience, our LED manufacturing team are at the forefront of design, development, manufacturing, procurement and national sales on a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial LED lighting products. We have provided solutions to suit many businesses including health, education, hospitality, recreation and retail.