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LED High Bays – Currently the most popular of all our lighting solutions due to their huge saving potential. Whenever a large space is in need of illumination, high bay lighting is the best tool for the job. When you think about spaces like large warehouses, manufacturing plants, outlet stores and sports stadiums, these facilities are typically vast and cover a lot of vertical, in addition to horizontal space. Naturally, this space needs a powerful lighting option in order to provide the appropriate levels of illumination. Typically existing high bay lamps will hang from hooks or chains which are themselves attached to the ceiling, the most common of which are a 400-watt mercury vapour or metal halide lighting. Besides using a lot of electricity, these lamps create a lot of heat and are actually a fire hazard.


Industrial LED High Bay Lighting vs Metal Halide lights

Because metal halide lighting works by passing an electrical current through a combination of metal halide gas and mercury, it can take up to 15-20 minutes to reach optimum lighting. So, while metal halide lighting can be 3-5 times more efficient than incandescent bulb lighting, they become less so, when running at anything but full power. As a result, much of the initial energy they produce is wasted.

In addition, most metal halide lighting and indeed other forms of high bay lighting are omnidirectional. This means that they output light in a 360-degree nature. Because of this, some of the light is wasted as it’s not pointing in the direction that the light is needed

Conversely, LED lighting generates and distributes lighting more efficiently. This results in less energy needed in order to perform the same functional output. As such, LED high bay lighting will typically score higher in terms of

  • Colour-rendering index – the accuracy of a given light source
  • Correlated colour temperature – the degree of whiteness the lighting gives, and
  • Footcandles – the amount of glow given from a source vs the efficiency of hitting the right surface


What about lifespan?

The average metal halide bulb lasts around 6000-15000 operating hours while an LED bulb can be expected to last 50,000 -100,000 operating hours This is an important factor when you consider the costs in scaffolding, hydraulic lifts, and catwalks, needed to change bulbs or perform maintenance. Because LED high bay lighting will need to be changed far less frequently, this means long-term savings for your bottom line!

The Green Guys have 95 Watt, 110 Watt and 135 Watt state of the art LED high bay replacements which massively reduce energy consumption, provide a much higher quality of light and generate next to no heat. Rather than just a bulb replacement, we replace the entire high bay unit with a new LED high bay unit. So why not give us a call on 1300 511 875 and talk to our lighting experts today.

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