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In these uncertain economic times, businesses up and down the country are looking to save money. Switching to LED tube lighting is a way to do exactly that. Not only can businesses save money on energy bills, but by making the switch, there are also savings to be had on maintenance costs too.

Whether you’re planning a whole new lighting design, or making the switch from halogen or fluorescent lighting the good news is that pretty much every type of fluorescent or halogen fitting can be easily substituted for the equivalent LED. Take fluorescent tubing for instance – the type you see in virtually every business  – they come in 2ft, 4 ft and 5ft sizes. Green Guys offer direct replacements for fluorescent tubes using 9 Watt LED tube for a 2-foot fitting, a 16 Watt LED tube for a 4-foot fitting and a 23 Watt LED tube for a 5-foot fitting.

Apart from gaining a lot of efficiency by upgrading fluorescent to LED, you will also see a huge improvement in the quality of light that LED’s give off. Fluorescent lights have a relatively low quality of light, that is, the way items look under that light are worse comparative to looking at that item under daylight. Why? Because they tend to give off a yellowish glow. LED’s on the other hand, are far superior in the sense that they provide a higher quality of light, approaching the same quality as daylight.

But that’s not all…

Most people are familiar with problems surrounding fluorescent tube lighting such as :

  • The dead or dying tube
  • The failing starter and
  • The problematic or defective ballast

More often than not, this results in a defect-ridden lifespan of just 15000 hours on average. What’s more, because fluorescent tubes contain small amounts of mercury, disposing of them isn’t straightforward.

Alternatively, LED tube lighting typically gives you around 40,000 hours of service. That’s a little over 14 years based on average use. Moreover, they’re designed to retain both their brightness and light quality right up until the end, so you won’t have to put up with an annoying buzzing or flickering. Even when they do come to their natural end, being mercury-free, LED tubes are also environmentally-friendly to dispose of.

Finally, what about that all-important energy efficiency?

We can’t talk about energy efficiency without talking luminous efficacy. This is in essence how much visible light is produced in conjunction with the energy expended, or rather – how many lumens are produced per watt. Typically, a 16w LED tube light will produce around 1900 lumens for just 16 watts of power. To get the equivalent light output via a fluorescent tube (1800 lumens) you can expect it to be using around 34 watts. That’s double the amount of power to achieve the same amount of light.

If you’re looking to make long-term savings for your business, then come and talk to the lighting experts at Green Guys about LED Tubes. Call today on 1300 511 875. We have all the money-saving lighting solutions you need!

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