The Green Guys Group Solar Microgrid

The Green Guys Group Microgrid Power  provides an embedded energy network that allows multi-tenanted buildings to bulk buy electricity at a cheaper rate and create additional income streams for building owners, property managers, as well as tenants. It consists of an embedded metering network and a solar energy generation system that can operate autonomously even when disconnected from the National Grid.

How does it work?

It includes two main parts that benefit all the electricity consumers in its network:
1. The first element includes an ‘embedded network’ that enables us to purchase energy in bulk, at a cheaper cost and pass through savings
2. The second element is a solar electricity generator which provides clean, low-cost energy that is produced directly on-site at the property

Earn significant annual rental revenue from your roof space in addition to solar panels that generate clean, green and low-cost energy.

Projects in Progress

Solar Microgrid is suitable for:

Commercial and Industrial - Solar Microgrid - The Green Guys Group

Commercial & industrial multi-tenanted environments

Apartments - Solar Microgrid - The Green Guys Group

High-rise apartment buildings

Gated Communities - Solar Microgrid - The Green Guys Group

Gated communities (e.g. retirement villages)

Medium density housings icon - Solar Microgrid - The Green Guys Group

Medium density housings

Shopping Centres - Solar Microgrid - The Green Guys Group

Shopping centres

Find out how much your roof is worth!

Our Solar Microgrid is the golden goose that will keep giving.

There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain – for you, your tenants and the environment.

Speak to our Solar Microgrid experts and get an obligation-free estimate of how much you could earn and save by implementing our solution.

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    Benefits of our Solar Microgrid


    With no capital needed, we deliver a complete solution including running audits, design, compliance, installation, on-going management and paperwork for attaining incentives and approvals.


    Generate a hassle-free revenue stream from your property. Get rental income paid for installing solar panels on your roof.


    With increased rental revenue from the solar panels, lower operational costs and cheaper energy for all your tenancies, your property is bound to achieve a higher yield.


    Slash your operational costs by using cheaper electricity in common areas of your property. Our Best Rate Guarantee ensures the cheapest energy costs to you and your tenants.


    As a user of clean solar energy,  you and your tenants will be in a position to save thousands of dollars and the environment.
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