The Green Guys Group Microgrids Solution

Here at The Green Guys Group our fundamental aims are always focused on helping Australians save on their energy expenses whilst benefiting our planet and reducing our carbon footprint. Our LED Lighting Solutions are a way to reduce energy use, and our Solar solutions reduce costs. With a specific focus on the commercial and strata segments, we are now please to introduce our Microgrid Solution.

The Green Guys Group Microgrid System is a local, small-scale energy grid with the capability to operate with or without the support of the main power grid. It can operate autonomously if disconnected from the main power grid. Our Microgrid Solution consists of an embedded metering network, and solar generation.


The infrastructure, switchboard, ducts and tenancy meters are all put under one single network which is maintained and taken care of by The Green Guys Group. All electricity to the site is delivered through the Gate meter, and purchased according to a large market consumer status (bulk). The bulk electricity is then available to the end users, thus allowing for significantly reduced energy rates. Coupled with a major energy cost reduction form the solar energy system, the overall result is a cost-saving in electricity expenditures, and a minimisation of the impact to the environment.

Microgrids from The Green Guys Group


1.  This Microgrid provides backup for the main grid in case of emergencies, maintenance shutdowns or repairs.

2. Everyone gets to cut electricity costs.

3.Microgrids allow multi-dwelling and commercial sites to be energy independent and more environmentally friendly.

4. There is a greater control in the hands of building owners of the site electrical infrastructure.

5. Better energy monitoring and management.

6. There is an improved ability to service tenant electrical upgrade needs.

7. There are additional revenue streams for site or strata

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The Green Guys Group Microgrid System

Unlock you buildings’ low-cost energy potential.

The Microgrid solutions allows for immediate savings on energy costs with owners and tenants benefiting from reduced energy rates wit our Discount to Grid guarantee.

Strata and property owners are able to generate additional revenue with no out-of-pocket cost or finance required. The Green Guys Group will install, maintain and take care of all required equipment at no cost to our customers, and all the owners have to do is reap the benefits of lower energy costs and the knowledge that they are helping benefit the planet.

The owners gain a revenue stream.
The tenants get to save their money.
We get happy customers.
Everyone Wins!

Everyone is a winner with The Green Guys Group Microgrids Solutions

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