The Green Guys Group Embedded Energy Network

The Green Guys Group Microgrids Solution is an embedded energy network that allows multi-tenanted buildings to bulk buy electricity at a cheaper rate and create additional income streams for building owners, property managers, as well as tenants. Our Microgrids Solution consists of an embedded metering network and a solar energy generation system that can operate autonomously even when disconnected from the National Grid.

Microgrids Solution is suitable for:

The Green Guys Group - Microgrids for Multi-tenanted Environments

Commercial & industrial multi-tenanted environments

The Green Guys Group - Microgrids solution for high rise apartments

High-rise apartment buildings

The Green Guys Group - Microgrids solution for gated communities

Gated communities (e.g. retirement villages)

Apartement - House - icon

Medium density housings

The Green Guys Group - Microgrids solution for shopping centres

Shopping centres

Benefits of our Microgrids Solution


Slash your energy bills by generating your own solar energy and accessing the National Grid electricity at a discounted rate that is not based on loyalty, paying on time, or direct debit.


With our Turnkey Solution we will take care of the design, project management, installation, and customer billing – as well as ensuring they all meet the AER regulations.


Reduce your carbon emissions and keep your building environmentally friendly with a combination of sustainably-sourced electricity and solar generated energy.
The Green Guys Group - Microgrids

How does the Microgrid system work?

The infrastructure, switchboard, ducts and tenancy meters are all placed under one single network which is maintained by The Green Guys Group. All electricity to the site is delivered through the Gate Meter, and electricity from the main grid is purchased in bulk. The bulk electricity can then be distributed to the end users at a significantly reduced energy rate. The solar energy system is another source of electricity for the building that reduces consumption from the main grid. The overall result is a massive cost saving in electricity expenditures and less negative impact on the environment with the use of renewable solar energy.

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