The Green Guys Group are experts in energy efficient solutions. We ensures you receive only the most sustainable, and cost-effective and energy-efficient results.

Our mission is to provide products and services that help Australians and businesses become more efficient, while saving money on electricity and building a healthier, happier planet Earth.

Our products and solutions are designed to fit the everyday needs of businesses and households across Australia.

LED Lighting solutions from the Grenn Guys Group.
Businesses are burning thousands of dollars a year by using inefficient lighting. Find out how much you can save by upgrading to LED lighting as well as the government incentives your business may be entitled to today.
Solar Solutions by The Green Guys Group
Complete, tailored solutions for residential and commercial Solar and Battery Storage needs, based on a thorough understanding of the renewable energy market – individually modeled and tailored to suit client needs.
Microgrids by The Green guys Group
Micro-grids from The Green Guys Group is our way of helping Australians save money on their ever growing electricity bills by offering competitively priced Micro-grids to multi-dwelling properties.

Government Incentives

Switching to energy efficient lighting and power is one of the most valuable decisions any business can make. The Green Guys Group are best equipped with experience, expertise and resources to provide you with all energy-saving solutions.

Your business could be eligible for Government Energy Incentive Schemes.

Each state has schemes in place which are designed to lower energy consumption. This is a achieved through various energy saving initiatives. Due to the fact that these incentives have expiry periods, we encourage businesses to take advantage of them as soon as possible.

As a part of our comprehensive solutions, we take care of the application process for you and save you the hassle of paperwork.

Check out how you can benefit from your state’s scheme by selecting your state. alternatively, we would love to help you out directly. Please contact us to see how we can help.

What Makes The Green Guys Group The Best Choice For Your Energy Solutions

Australia has set a carbon emission target of 26-28% by 2030 on 2005 levels; an ambitious, but achievable goal that we should be proud of. Sustainability is something we strive for to ensure the longevity for generations to come.

Here at The Green Guys Group, our aim is to provide sustainable, cost-effective services that help people benefit from cost-saving, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly options. We achieve this through the many services and solutions we offer.

The Green Guys Group are your best choice for LED, Solar, Microgrids and PPA solutions

We Love Earth

All of our energy solutions are geared with sustainability and the Earth in mind. Because of our love of Earth, The Green Guys Group has been
successfully helping Australians save money and carbon emissions with commercial and residential energy solutions since 2010.

The Green Guys Group are your best choice for LED, Solar, Microgrids and PPA solutions

We Love Savings

We are well aware of the strain that persistently rising electricity costs are placing on Australians and Aussie businesses, and want to help ease that strain.

The Green Guys Group are your best choice for LED, Solar, Microgrids and PPA solutions

We Love Happy Customers

Happy customers are the cornerstone of our successful business, which is why keeping our customers happy and making more happy customers is as important to us as our own business is.

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