Create a safe office environment and help significantly reduce office electricity costs with LED lighting solutions.
Office lighting has a great impact on productivity and the type and strength of workplace lighting greatly affects the physiological aspect of office personnel, which in turn has a direct effect on their productivity levels. When renovations to increase natural light may be impossible or too costly, another way is to change office lighting to mimic natural light as closely as possible.
The Green Guys Group are experts at LED Lighting solutions which will improve workplace lighting, help increase staff productivity and help save on electricity bills.


  1. Green Guys

    Last year you performed an LED conversion to our premises in Kensington; however we would like to have our premises in Geelong quoted as well.

    Therefore can please arrange to have our Geelong Provisioning Centre (PC) be quoted for an LED conversion.

    The Geelong PC address is:

    Australian Rail Track Corporation
    28 Slevin Street
    North Geelong VIC 3215

    • Thanks Peter.

      I believe someone was in touch and has organised a site inspection.

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