Our OptiTech range of shop lights make switching to LED lighting super easy.
The OptiTech shop lights, favoured and used by The Green Guys Group, are available in three varieties; circular, rectangular and circular on a gimble.

The circular shop lights are generally 6 or 8 inch in diameter and the rectangular shop lights are standardised to one main size. The original light bulbs used in most shop lights are a smaller version of the metal halide light bulbs used in high bays and are either 150 Watt or 70 Watt. Like the high bay’s we replace the entire fitting with a brand new LED fitting, using a 38 watt LED unit to replace the 150 watt existing unit and a 20 watt LED unit to replace the existing 70 watt unit.

Upgrading from old metal halide lights to brand new LED lights has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a shop. If you have ever seen a shop with LED lights you will understand what we are talking about. Due to the higher quality light the colours really pop and enhance the look of a store or, as one customer put it, ‘Better than a coat of fresh paint!’