Urgent Hot Water Upgrade

Urgent installations delivered within 48 hours are available only in Melbourne Metro, Bendigo and Shepparton. 

The Green Guys Group Heat Pump Hot Water Upgrade

Upgrade to an energy-efficient heat pump hot water system and save up to 70-80% on your hot water costs. You could be eligible for subsidised upgrade funded under the Federal Government Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme or the Victoria Energy Upgrades Program.This makes it easier for Australian households to make the switch from power-hungry appliances to better energy-efficient alternatives and save on energy costs.

Need an urgent hot water upgrade? We got you!

Did your hot water system decide to call it quits? Don’t let a malfunctioning system disrupt your daily routine. At The Green Guys Group, we understand the urgency when your hot water goes cold, and we’re here to provide a rapid solution.

Our Promise:

  • 48-hour installation guarantee: We know you can’t afford to wait. Our expert team is committed to installing your new hot water system within 48 hours or less, ensuring you get back to warmth and comfort in no time.
  • Quality national brand products: We believe in offering the best, which is why we provide top-of-the-line hot water systems from renowned national brands. Our products are not only reliable but also come with a 7-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Government incentives and financing plans: No need to worry about costs. Your urgent hot water upgrade could still be eligible for government incentives and flexible financing plans, subject to eligibility criteria and approval. We’re here to help you explore these options, making your upgrade even more affordable.

Take control of your comfort – let’s get your hot water back on track! Check the product system options and pricing below for more details.

What our customers say...

“Nothing but professional from the start to finish. Supported from the application process to the professionalism, knowledge about the system and even through the insulation of the system with the plumber. Great system and love not having to stress about 3-minute showers for our family of eight and no more massive electricity bills! Thank you Green Guys Group!”

Abbie B.

“We would love to thank the team from the Green Guys for the fantastic installation of our new hot water system. The plumber, Josh, and his electrician were amazing, and it’s quite refreshing to have a team of trades who explained everything and actually cleaned up after themselves. Oh, by the way, the system is quiet and the water is HOT!

Sammi & Stevie

​“The installation went very well – your team was very respectful and professional. Really appreciate your assistance in sorting out our hot water system. The system is working really well – had 4 adult visitors staying with us last week and the heat pump coped without a hiccup.”

Tony J.

​“Arrived earlier than expected, so finished earlier too. Very professional, and did a great job. We now actually have hot hot hot water – yay!! Couldn’t be happier.”

Jill Q.

“The guys did a great job with the installation by the way, and it’s running like a bought one.”

Chris E.

​“Just had ours done at Cape Woolamai. More than happy with your crew that came out. Thank you.”

Alanna U.

​“The heat pump upgrade has been installed and the installation was performed by excellent tradespeople. Along with the cheaper running costs, we were able to have it supplied and installed at zero cost, thanks to The Green Guys.”

Ian G.

​“Happy with the new system, cheap to run and always got hot water.”

Clint M.

Why upgrade to a heat pump water heater?


By transferring heat from the air to heat water, a heat pump is the most energy-efficient water heating system.


Since the heat pump system doesn’t use electricity to heat water directly, it uses much less electricity and saves you on energy costs.


No solar panels, inverters, gas lines or canisters are needed. Rain, hail or shine, you can enjoy piping hot water anytime!


In addition to reducing your carbon emissions, the heat pump system does not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Cut your hot water costs by with energy efficient heat pump hot water systems!

Hot Water Running Costs Comparison Chart - Sustainability Victoria - The Green Guys Group

Data sourced from Victorian Government Sustainability Victoria site – June 2023 Water Heating Running Costs Comparison; comparing running costs of 6-star natural gas instant system, 4-star natural gas storage system, electric instant system on peak tariff, electric storage system on peak tariff, and a high-efficiency heat pump hot water system on off-peak tariff for an average consumption of 150L per day (4-person household).

Urgent Hot Water Upgrade Sydney

Please note that urgent hot water upgrades in New South Wales are available only in Sydney Metro areas.

EcoGenica 215L

Call our dedicated team directly at 03 7046 4698 or simply fill in the Urgent Upgrade Form below to request a callback.

Optitech 265L

Call our dedicated team directly at 03 7046 4698 or simply fill in the Urgent Upgrade Form below to request a callback.

Emerald Energy 300L

Call our dedicated team directly at 03 7046 4698 or simply fill in the Urgent Upgrade Form below to request a callback.

Call our dedicated team directly at 03 7046 4698 or simply fill in the Urgent Upgrade Form below to request a callback.

Call our dedicated team directly at 03 7046 4698 or simply fill in the Urgent Upgrade Form below to request a callback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide financing options?
Yes! We’ve partnered with Brighte, and can now offer a no-deposit, 0% interest payment plan for household hot water upgrades.

• Get pre-approval in minutes
• Choose between 12, 18 and 24 months repayment term
• Fortnightly repayments

Make your switch today, apply now or get in touch with our team on 1300 511 875.

Approval criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.

Are the installers qualified tradespeople?

We partner with your local electricians and plumbers who are licensed and qualified to install heat pump hot water systems.

All of our installations are done under the strict guidelines of the Victorian ESC (Essential Services Commission), Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

With each hot water upgrade, we provide a document specific to the address, stating that the installation is compliant. The Green Guys Group has been operating for over 10 years with more than 10,000 commercial and residential energy upgrade projects completed across Australia. We are ISO accredited for Quality Management, Occupational Health & Safety, as well as Environment. Rest assured you’re in great hands!

I'm renting, can I still get an upgrade?

Yes, as long as we have approval from your landlord and meet the eligibility criteria.

Our team is more than happy to help discuss the urgent upgrade with your landlord or property manager!

Does the heat pump come with warranties?
For urgent upgrades, yes. Warranties are ranging from 5-7 years depending on the heat pump water heater type and manufacturer you’ve chosen. For extended warranty options, please get in touch with our team at 1300 511 875 or enquiries@greenguys.com.au
How long will it take for my urgent hot water upgrade?
We can deliver and install within 48 hours for urgent cases upon proposal acceptance or financial approval, whichever is later. Urgent upgrades are only available in Melbourne Metro, Bendigo and Shepparton.

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Delivered and installed within 48 hours