The Green Guys Group Solar Solutions

At The Green Guys Group, every solar energy solution we present to our customers is individually tailored to suit their individual needs. With our solar solutions, you can cut energy costs by installing onsite power plants and battery storage according to your needs. We present to you the most affordable options to invest in a solar solution through our financing options and access to all government incentive schemes.

The Green Guys Group - Solar Solutions Testimonial - Michael Musumeci

“The quality of service provided by The Green Guys Group was outstanding. Our tall apartment building has an unconventional roof and is located in a really busy area. Despite these challenges, the whole process has been seamless and the team is a delight to work with. The flexibility shown in the provision of a highly-engineered system has delivered great results that we wanted.”

⁠—Michael Musumeci
Building Manager, Sydney Building Management & Caretaking

Benefits of Using Solar Energy

Save on electricity bills

Cut your bills by generating your own energy – even on cloudy days! This will reduce your on-grid electricity usage and avoid exposure to the volatility of electricity grid.

Avoid rising energy costs

Electricity prices across Australia have been increasing since July 2017. By installing your own energy-generating solar system, you’ll get a long-term guaranteed reduced electricity supply costs.

Increase property value

On top of reducing your power bills, installing solar panels will add value to your property. It is an investment that pays great return over the years and outperforms other investments.

Reduce carbon footprint

Meet your CSR targets for sustainable use of energy with our solar solution. The average solar energy system offsets three to four metric tons of carbon pollution from fossil fuel each year!

Get a solar energy generation system

with $0 capital investment!

With our Solar PPA, you will get all the benefits without any costs.


Our Solar Solutions

Each of our systems comes with a real-time monitoring system that allows you to monitor your solar production and usage from an online dashboard. You also receive extensive warranties on the panels performance, inverters, and workmanship.

Solar Power System

Energy Storage System

Solar business solutions from The Green Guys Group solar solutions.

Save on your electricity bills by generating your own energy through a system specifically designed for your current energy consumption. Get the best performing equipment – the world’s #1 banked solar panels from Jinko and Austrian-made Fronius Inverters.

Solar business solutions from The Green Guys Group solar solutions.

Reduce grid consumption and avoid peak-time energy prices by accessing the stored excess energy generated by your solar power system. Our battery storage system solution is tailored based on your needs and can be integrated into your solar power system. 

Our Customers Have Saved...

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Get your ROI as soon as 2.5 years!*

*based on cash basis depending on location, current electricity prices and available rebate i.e. STC’s Vs LGC’s